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Our Mission

To lead people into a life changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Where We're From

Home Church has been part of the community of Kirkintilloch for over 140 years. Formerly as the Gospel Hall and then as Riverside Church. Our current building was built in the early 90's. Our heart is to love and serve our community. We love Jesus and we love people. You are most welcome to come and join us at anything that is happening within the church.

We aim to give everyone a friendly welcome and to be a church where you will feel at home right from your first visit.

Since September 2018 we have experienced significant, steady and sustained growth with many people accepting Jesus and every area of the church being strengthened. If you want to be a part of an amazing move of God we encourage you to come and see whats happening for yourself!

What's up now

Home Church was officially launched in September 2019. Our heart is that Home Church would not just be a "church to attend" but a "family to belong to". That culture has been established and encouraged in Home Church to this very day. We aim to create atmospheres where people feel at home. In a sentence — you are family from day one!

In March 2020 we established our Online Church Campus. This is not just a window into our church it is very much part of our church. Every week we have people connecting from all over the world and not just on Sundays! People from our online campus are every bit as much a part of the family as the rest of us. Many from far flung areas of Scotland and the Uk and from The States and other nations throughout the world Join us online on Sundays but also on our midweek bible studies and prayer meetings! We have regular attenders from all over Scotland, from England, Wales, Northern Ireland, The USA, Canada, Poland, Uganda and many more places! Wherever you are from, there is a place for you to belong here with us at Home Church!

In January of 2021 we announced the launch of our second campus "Home Church North Coast" in Ballymoney Northern Ireland. This was followed in September by Home Church Stornoway, which currently meets in the Home of David and Margaret Graham, and in April 2022 we saw the launch of Home Church Glasgow!

We meet in the Regent Centre, Bath Street in the City Centre every Sunday at 7pm with buses leaving our Kirkintilloch Location at 6.30pm

We would love for you to join us at any of our campuses. If you want any further information just fire us a message!

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